• Casart Artist & Designer Collaborators

    Casart Artist & Designer Collaborators (23)

    Casart enjoys collaborating with established and upcoming artists as well as well known interior designers. In this category you'll find insightful design and artistic inspiration from our valued Casart Collaborators.
  • Architectural

    Architectural (6)

    Why build architectural interest when you can peel and stick your carpentry such as faux panels, latticework, faux-painted tiles and 3D Stars to your walls, stair risers or even furniture, which all saves time, money and commitment. Faux glass mosaic tiles can be printed on transparent repositionable Casart Clear as well as our regular opaque (white base) material. Casart Clear lets your color come through! Printing on clear will allow the base paint color to be visible through the transparent material as the grout color for the tiles. This is a perfect solution for a kitchen backsplash. Printing on our regular material can accommodate covering an accent wall or an entire room. Panel inserts are available to personalize your faux panels and can be customized and removed, as Casart can be used on top of Casart.
  • Botanicals

    Botanicals (14)

    Nature inspired and artist created floral and botanical elements that are too good to eat or cut and no need to water. Casart Botanicals Collection: Artichaut, Flower Power, Camellia, Peony and Leaf Scroll Border on repositionable, removable and reusable, designer wallcovering. Perfect peel-and-stick decorating solution for apartment, residential, commercial and hospitality.
  • Custom

    Custom (4)

    All Casart designs can be customized. Mix and combine designs and we’ll help you match to your personalized paint color choices. Call us for all the particulars. Click to have a quote emailed to you.
  • Casart Decor

    Casart Decor (14)

    Enjoy our easy and everyday decorative accents for the home. Our pillow covers are made of 100% polyester and are multipurpose. They may be used both indoors and outdoors. Finally, slipcovers for all of your home décor needs! We also offer an array of Gift Cards to suit all your decorating needs. Give them as perfect gifts to those who enjoy decorating but have discriminating tastes. We also offer Casart Carryalls and Totes to help support our Gulf Coast Recovery efforts.
  • Designs/ Murals

    Designs/ Murals (31)

    Artist designed, illustrated and hand-painted figurative elements and full-scale murals that can add impact and interest on an accent wall or stair risers. Birds and Birch, Starfish Patterns, World Map Ceiling Mural, Woodland Stream Stair Mural, Della Robbia design, Butterflies and Trompe l’Oeil Faux Plaster Seashells all captivate attention and bring Nature and the beach indoors for all seasons and occasional holiday and springtime decorations. Our Ceiling Murals are printed on Casart Light, allowing your ceiling mural to remain positioned on your ceiling without the worry of gravity bringing it down. Our Light product isn't as heavy (6 ml and @ 7oz) as our regular wallcovering (18 ml and 20 oz), so allows for overhead installation with ease.
  • Gulf Coast Design

    Gulf Coast Design (17)

    The people of the Gulf Coast are resilient and tenacious. We adapt and cope. We did it after Katrina and we are doing it again after the oil spill. But what about the sea life and the birds that make this beautiful region their home and the fisherman, who depend on this area for their livelihood? We created our Gulf Coast Designs to raise awareness of their plight and of the deteriorating marshland environment that may be lost to our way of life and culture. 10% of proceeds from all of these designs and featured individual panels, which can create the Gulf Coast mural or be purchased separately, will be donated by you clicking the button for the Greater New Orleans Foundation. This organization has 20 plus years experience with ongoing restoration, rehabilitation, and endangered wildlife efforts for coastal Louisiana.
  • Katherine Collection

    Katherine Collection (9)

    Katherine Jackson (1917-2009), our aunt and sister-in-law, was a prolific artist, painting from the 1930s until early 2007. She had her sketchbook by her side in her final days. She traveled extensively throughout the US and Europe, documenting her work which included pastels, pen and ink, watercolors and mostly oil paintings -- estimated over 3,000 works. We have introduced a few seasonal selections of just a handful of her works and more will be added as her art is cataloged. She was quite eccentric but a serious artist. She always found an artistic opportunity to capture. We miss her but her spirit lives on in her work and these digitally reproduced paintings, scanned and true to the originals, serve as tribute to her talent.
  • Organics

    Organics (9)

    Professionally hand-painted faux finishes that authentically mimic the look of textiles like linen for a faux padded headboard and raw silk, as well as organic wood such as natural (faux bois), satinwood and zebrawood. All are easy to peel-and-stick, DIY apply, remove and reuse. Can be customized and give the impression of sophisticated, sustainable style.
  • Patterns

    Patterns (25)

    We offer a lot of patterns but our main (peacock) Patterns Collection includes Quill and French Peacock Damask. The reusable wallcoverings come in light, medium and bold colorways. All can be customized to add contemporary, traditional design to any room, for temporary or long-term use and apartment, renter, residential, commercial and hospitality. Quill is light and feathery (pardon the pun) drifting airily across the ground, while the French Peacock Damask is unmistakably French with its fleur de lis! Available both in soft palettes as well as a bold, opulent and spicy colors, giving a modern take on classic design. Check out our other patterns while visiting.
  • Photography

    Photography (3)

    Large-scale photos from our selection of unique, artistic photographs or personalize by uploading your own.
  • Stripes & Combos

    Stripes & Combos (2)

    Casart coverings offers a bold and beautiful collection of colorful stripes! Get the look of painted stripes while avoiding the intensive time, labor and hassle. No measuring, taping or touchup is needed and Casart Stripes can be repositioned and reused over 50 times or more! Casart Stripes come in pre-combined patterns for full wallcovering width coverage and the colors can be custom combined. These decorative options line up to be a quick and easy, carefree, DIY project -- perfect for dorms or rentals, temporary or long term decorating solutions.
  • T3 - Tots, Tween & Teens

    T3 - Tots, Tween & Teens (10)

    Casart coverings T3 Collection gives personality to the nursery, and for the tot, tween or teen or at any age for some of our designs! Add a no fuss growth chart as a keepsake to a child's room. Enjoy Fireflies all year round with our design. Create a hip, stylish pad for your growing tween and teenager with Splatter. Our Balloons make having a birthday party easy. A hand-drawn Medieval Prince and Princess will keep tots dreaming. These can also be children’s growth charts that can be kept as keepsakes when nurseries become tween and teenage rooms, which can be easily updated with whimsical firefly or splatter designs. Why blow up balloons for birthday parties, when you can easily put them up and down as Casart.
  • Wallfinishes

    Wallfinishes (6)

    Professionally hand-painted colorwash, faux-linen and faux-padded harlequin finishes that give the look of sophisticated decorative painting. Each come in 15 stock colors but all can be customized to your paint color choice. These are subtle removable backdrops that are meant to enhance not overwhelm your décor. Casart can be temporary for apartment living for renters or a long-term decorating solution for home dwellers.