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Subtle Wallfinishes set the stage for your furnishes to take the focus, like Faux Linen, Colorwash, and a Faux Padded Harlequin.

Individual elements such as an artistic Artichaut, Faux Padded Headboards, Faux Tile Stair Risers and Medieval Knight, which can be used as a growth chart, serve a functional as well as decorative purpose for often overlooked areas.

Individual Stripes can be used singularly or in combination with each other to form any arrangement. When you want a change, simple remove, mix up the arrangement and reuse. Our durable temporary wallpaper makes it easy! Our Stripes take the hassle and time out of measuring and painting and offer flexibility in their design.

We have temporary wallpaper ranging from light and dark neutral backdrops that represent Organic Textures such as Zebrawood and figurative designs such as Birds & Birch. They can be used for full coverage walls or covering furniture, cabinet fronts, to single mural panels to decorate an accent wall or dining room – areas you’d like to highlight.

More overall patterns, such as Flower Power, Peacock Damask & Quill can create a romantic, stately, traditional and classic ambiance.

Bolder, more dramatic patterns, like Chic Chevron from the Libby Langdon Collection and Moroccan Arch and XOXO from the MoRockAnSoul Collection, create drama and visual impact. From fun to vintage, you can set the mood and change anytime you like. You can even customize the colors.

Unlike traditional wallpaper, our temporary wallcoverings are not permanent. They do not commit you to using once they are installed but can stay up as long as you like. You have the flexibility and confidence in knowing that the wallcovering can be removed, even reused when you’d like to change or transport to a new location.

Perfect for every circumstance: homeowners, renters, child to teenage rooms, dorms, elder care & retirement living, vacation homes, real-estate staging, restaurant, hotel and ever-changing retail backdrops, showrooms and commercial settings. Our wallcoverings meet strict, high-grade standards for these uses. They help personalize your space while being stylish and practical.

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