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Beautifying a Garden with a Mural

When our customer called about using Kristen Nicholas’ Pasture Mural panel as a garden mural, she clarified outdoors! It’s not our usual or suggested use but she was willing to try especially when we mentioned it can be sealed with a clear polycrylic. We have to commend our customer on such a clever use to […]

Adding a Headboard

Our customer didn’t have a headboard and thought about using Casart coverings. She knew the look that she wanted, which we had, but did not have as a headboard, so she thought, “here’s what I’m interested in doing – hanging the panel with inserts horizontally above a bed…I love the idea of using two panels […]

XOXO My MoRockAnSoul

“I was so excited to get started [on my XOXO MoRockAnSoul stair risers] that I did this during the weekend… My project came out very well…I get lots of compliments on it.” We are so happy to hear this news from one of our customers and agree, her project came out GREAT! We’re also excited to […]

Stair Risers Get A New Look with Peel and Stick Tile

Want a different look for stair risers rather than plain old white? Try giving stair risers a new look with peel and stick tile wallcovering. If you want tile but not the expense and hassle, the easiest and cost effective way is to add high-grade, durable, removable wallcovering that can handle high trafficked areas. Our […]

Stylish Zig Zag

One of our customers had seen another customer’s use of Libby Langdon’s stylish zig zag, Chic Chevron for stair risers and wanted something similar. Here’s Julie’s before and after views with her, “We just installed the risers and love them!!,” testimonial…We do too!   What a difference! Click here to see all the colorways for […]

Custom Khatacross

We love to customize! Here’s a great story, perfect for Valentine’s Day, (when this is posting). We had the opportunity to help our client Heidi customize one of our artist’s designs, Khatacross in Rust from the MoRockAnSoul Collection. The darker color of the original design element, is 2.5″ across. Our customer wanted a larger design […]

Custom Tortoiseshell

We were privileged to be asked to offer a Custom Tortoiseshell design as a project for the Karen Robertson Collection. This was a popular design and we used it on many surfaces — not just walls, including panels to resurface update furniture giving a sophisticated, Mad Men look for a bar cabinet.  Here’s what the […]

InkDwell Uses Casart

Jane Kim of InkDwell uses Casart custom wallcoverings for her outdoor, Put a Bird on It art exhibit on brick (!!) We couldn’t guarantee the use particularly since the conditions were cold and wet but Jane tested a sample and felt confident that her beautiful artwork could be displayed on Casart during an alumni event […]

Mini Maze Marvelous!

Mini Maze Marvelous! Libby Langdon, interior designer and one of our Casart Collaborators, used Mini Maze in one of her client’s basement. This design really helps to make a family space, including a children’s game area lively, fun, and upbeat while still remaining modern and stylish. Libby found another use for Mini Maze at High […]

1225 Designs Uses Casart Stripes

We were excited to work with Katie Buck and her 1225 Designs, DC area interior design firm. She had a great idea to use Casart Individual Stripes for a nursery. Her bright idea was to pair two 6 inch wide, bright orange stripes with one 12 inch wide hot pink stripe and align them side-by-side […]

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