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Custom Photo Stair Murals Get a Creative Display

Probably the number one pleasure we get when working with our customers is to fulfill their vision. We were excited when our customer, Julie, wanted to convert her high resolution photos into two custom murals so she could use on stair risers. This way she could easily display and enjoy her custom project without the […]

Living in the Cloud is a Dreamy Reality

Living in the Cloud just became a dreamy reality for our customer who customized her own ceiling clouds as self-adhesive wallcovering. Our customers had just moved their family into a new home. The daughter grew up with Casart’s previously painted clouds on her bedroom ceiling. It was what she would miss most about the old […]

Back a Bookcase with Orange Faux Linen

Want pops of color? Do what our customer did and back a bookcase with Orange Faux Linen, self-adhesive wallcovering. Our customer installed Casart Orange Faux Linen  with the help of interior designer Victoria Sanchez to create this beautiful eye-catching focal point in the bedroom.   Here are some pictures of their easy installation process to […]

Camellia for a California Dorm Room

We were pleased to provide a beautiful Red Camellia Botanical wallcovering-print for a first year college student’s dorm room in California. It not only personalizes her space but functions as an art piece that highlights her artistic & drama talents. Here’s the Camellia print that we sent. Here’s what it looks like installed. This is […]

A Calming Groovy Gate for a Teenager’s Room

Have you ever felt an immediate connection with someone through email? This is the way it was with our customer who inquired about getting the Libby Langdon Lively Lattice Border in Midnight Navy for her teenage daughter’s room. She was having trouble ordering online. Luckily she called and actually alerted us to something not working. […]

Birds & Birch Birthday Wish

It always makes us feel great that a customer wants our wallcoverings for a special event. In this case, we were very honored for the Birds & Birch in bold maple blue beige be chosen as a birthday wish for a big birthday celebration! It was the customer’s well-deserving gift to herself. The time-frame was […]

Custom Artwork Stair Mural Gets Rave Reviews

We always get excited when customers have the creative vision but even more so when they want to use Casart coverings to reproduce their own artwork for decorative purposes. We were happy to comply and help our artist customer Ginger Sluder print her beautiful painting of a heron with koi as a custom project. Now […]

Ectstatic Customer uses White & Pink Peonies to Transform Cabinets

From an ecstatic customer: I [transformed] my sister’s 14 year old cabinets. I used the 48″x68″, removable [Ann Alger] pink and white peonies covering. I cut the 48″ edge into four 12″ strips. I reduced the 68″ strips to 56″. The result was a stunning 8′ wide, 6′ tall, magnificent piece of art. Every time […]

A New Zealand Stair Mural Step-Up

We were excited to print our Woodland Stream Stair Mural for one of our customers in New Zealand. It completely transforms her basement stairwell leading to the mezzanine to the lounge area. Here’s what she had to say: Have installed the Woodland Stream on my stairs and have had lots of great comments about it […]

Keepsakes for Your Children

Our customer purchased growth charts from our T3 Collection for her niece’s children as Christmas presents. They were excited to receive. The Knight-Prince stands at the top of the stairwell to beckon the young boy to his bedroom at his parents’ bidding and protects him from nightmares. Good to know our growth chart can help […]

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