Custom Map Ceiling Mural


Our customer wanted a custom map ceiling mural but rather than painting it directly on the ceiling, which would have taken weeks and a lot of labor time, and neck and back ache, the mural was painted smaller scale in our studio, enlarged and printed digitally as a large scale mural. We used our Casart Light material so it could go directly on the ceiling without being too heavy. The added benefit to printing on Casart is she can take it with her when she intends on selling her house down the road.


Here’s a detail of some of the artwork, including the printed wallcovering.

Casart Detail of Map_section

Every custom project is unique so we don’t offer the same exact mural but we’ve changed the colors to offer a version that is just as delightful and worthwhile of some upward gazing – on our Designs and Murals page.

Casart coverings_World-Map_Ceiling Murals_1x

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